anxiety relief

Mellow's Story

Mellow was born out of a search for the answer to coping with the daily battles with anxiety. We are still searching for that miracle cure, but we found products along the way that provide some beautiful relief in times when anxiety and stress can be at it's worst. We focus on providing the best fidget rings for anxiety relief, that can calm, distract, and help to ground the wearer; and look beautiful whilst doing it.

  • Sterling Silver fidget ring for anxiety relief

    How can Mellow fidget rings help with anxiety?

    Fidget rings can help reduce anxiety by providing a physical outlet for nervous energy. When someone is feeling anxious or stressed, they may have a tendency to fidget or engage in repetitive behaviors such as nail-biting or tapping. Fidget rings provide a healthier alternative to these habits by giving the person something to focus on with their hands. 
  • Made of quality sterling silver.

    If well looked after, our rings can last the tests of time. No cheap materials here, only quality items you can trust. Our sterling silver jewellery is coated with rhodium plating for extra durability.

  • Join the thousands already wearing fidget rings.

    Everybody suffers from anxiety, nerves or stress now and then. Nobody is immune. That's why many people are wearing fidget rings as a way to channel their energy, in a discreet and stylish way.

Mellow Relief Ltd trading as Mellow Anxiety Relief - Company number - 14566876 - registered address - 19 Knighton Street, S42 5JA.